Drinking Poop Tea with the Chinese Villagers Who Swear by It

When the doctor diagnosed 77-year-old
Ma Su Qun with lung cancer in January, her family decided not to tell
her the bad news. This is a normal practice in much of China, where
cancer is seen not as something to be fought and defeated but as a
definite death sentence. “When people think of cancer, they think they
are going to die,” a Chinese friend told me. To let someone know the
news would only make them afraid and unhappy during what will surely be
their final months, or so goes the logic.

So it was not until two months after the diagnosis that Ma Su Qun’s
family finally told her that she had stage I lung cancer. They felt OK
about breaking the news because it didn’t look like she was dying
anymore—it appeared she had found a cure, and that cure was tea made
from poop.7

See More : http://www.vice.com/read/drinking-tea-made-of-poop-with-the-chinese-villagers-who-swear-by-it-038


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